nLighten offers innovative products featuring Large Format HD Displays, In-Touch and Multi-touch Displays, Closed Aluminium Frame for custom application such as Video Walls.

INDEL BV is our Selected European HUB facility from were also sales and product support will be offered to our business Partners and OEM Accounts. At the INDEL facility, not far located from Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport, we have several of our units installed which can be demonstrated after making an appointment.


Pen Touch or LCD/TFT Dual Touch. Sizes 32", 55", 60" and 72". Touch is a much more natural human interface. nLighten In-Touch Display adds the interactive touch function that shifts the paradigm on application friendliness and effectiveness. Two choices of control technology are available: Pen Touch or LCD/TFT Dual Touch.

Vidi Wall

32:9 or 16:9 Aspect ratio
Sizes 60" and 72" (x2, x4 or more).
nLighten 1x2 and 2x2 video wall is the innovative design of DLPtm dual monitor system that exhibits high picture quality, rich color, high brightness. Single or two different image on dual screen can be controlled and managed by Microsoft Operation System on PC.


32 points Multi-Touch displays,
Sizes 50", 60", 72" and 100".
New generation DLPtm display technology with Finger Touch Interaction (Microsoft Windows 7 approved). The new era of interaction between humans and computers. People are able to share the ideas, comments or thought on one computer at the same time.

  • Presentation,Discussion
  • Video conferencing
  • Interactive Education
  • Controlling and Commanding
  • Commercial Information
  • Image Decoration
  • Home Theater System
nLighten's DLPtm Technology
High Definition quality on large displays
nLighten DLPtm Display can be combined with different video conferencing systems and solutions, you can enjoy 50", 60" and 72" 1080P Big HD pictures; use the 1x2/2x2 Video Wall in video conferencing.